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Sharing files online can be a hassle - dealing with upload limits, complex interfaces, annoying popup ads and viruses. That's why we created the simplest file sharing service on the web.
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Upload any file up to 5GB, or instantly duplicate a file from another FileFactory member.



Allow anyone to upload files to your account to review, with your own Filebox uploader.



All files can be downloaded an unlimited number of times, by an unlimited number of people.



Share your files on blogs, forums or social media like Twitter and Facebook.

Why FileFactory?

We're the file sharing pioneers

Since 2005, FileFactory has been the premier destination for unlimited file sharing. We were one of the first services to offer truly unlimited downloads, bandwidth and speeds.

Unlimited uploads

Upload any type of file up to 5GB in size - music, videos, photos, documents, archives, you name it. FileFactory supports nearly every file format imaginable.

Unlimited downloads

With a Premium account, there are no bottlenecks or limits imposed on downloads. You are free to pull files from FileFactory at your Internet connection's full capabilities.

Unlimited storage

Each file uploaded can be up to a whopping 5GB in size. Store HD video files, large archives, disk images, and anything else you need without worrying about storage caps.

Unlimited uses

FileFactory is the ultimate file storage platform. With generous limits for free users, we're the perfect place to host your download archives.

Thousands of customers love FileFactory

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"We have been using FileFactory for many many years now for almost all of our media wants. Files are always immediately available and very easy to find with its highly functional search page. Previous to FileFactory I was forced to use another service where I had to constantly search various forums for random bittorrents or whatever. We really love this service."

Eric Willis
United States

"FileFactory is so much faster for downloading, premium membership brilliant too, very friendly team. Thank you FF."

United Kingdom

"I have been a FileFactory member for some years now and it is my only choice for hassle-free downloading. What I love about the system is it's simplicity and reliability. I had tried other download sites prior to FileFactory but none compare."

New Zealand

"I have been a Premium Member of FileFactory for over five years. Downloads are fast and customer service is great. Great interface along with user friendly drag and drop features."

United States

"I love how easy and fast FileFactory works. I just click on the link I want to download and in just a few minutes the file is downloaded. Thanks so much for a wonderful program."

United States

"I've always felt FileFactory was like family, and have been treated by FF the same way in return. FF has ALWAYS been fair to me, as well as listened to suggestions that I might have given. Being a member of FF for a decade, made it feel that much better to become a Lifetime member. Thanks so much!"

United States

Trusted since 2005

FileFactory is the global leader in unlimited free file hosting. All files can be downloaded or streamed an unlimited number of times. Premium members enjoy unlimited speed, bandwidth and downloads.